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I’ve decided to become a fit fella, and learn how to appropriately work out, and do all that neat stuff Why? In short… I am GROSSLY unfit, and weak, and quite fat. I would very much like to lose all this weight, and get some permanent life wins in the process. Recently, I met up with an old friend from my Polytech days (Zimbardoex), who has been really into fitness for a while.

I have taken a break from fedi for nearly the last 2 weeks, at least, I have done so on my mains, although I have done some cheeky posting on some alts that no one knows is me… Why? In short… The amount of politics and figureheads on fedi seem to have exploded in recent times. I remember the first time I witnessed a figurehead explosion on fedi, which resulted in a huge amount of bullying towards one seemingly popular person until they relented and left fedi, only appearing on much smaller instances that don’t federate with the wider fediverse.

Ah yes. A new year! Exciting for all. I hope everyone reading this got to have some quality time with their loved ones over the break and managed to fend off the vicious beast of capitalism and actually find a way to enjoy yourself without resorting to pulling out the ole money card. I had a very cozy X-Mas / New Years period, which I will detail in full right now!

Over the recent years, I have experienced a growth in disbelief of one of the founding men of modern western civilization. That of course, being the waning belief in Santa Claus, Jolly Ole Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Chris Cringle Why is it that modern civilization try to hide the truth of Santa away from people between the ages of 12 and 30, whilst they themselves, revel in his existence. Now some of you reading this probably think I am joking, that I am having a laugh, but no.

Well howdy there pals. Long time no see. It turns out a huge amount has happened to me over the last 18 months! Well buddy, where did you go? Well, nowhere interesting, The depths of hell and the pearly gates, neither can hold me forever. I’ve had a nice relationship which has come and gone in that time, and I got my degree… which is pretty cool! Hold on… Relationship?!? Yeah i was as surprised as you are.

Its not often that we all take a step back and ask ourselves if we are happy Perhaps, it is the most important question to ask yourself, or your friends, so why don’t we ask it I am happy At this moment, it is 3am. Usually if i am awake at 3am, its because im sad or lonely. But right now, I feel neither. Tomorrow, or should i say today, I am having coffee with one of my best friends in the world.