Fedi Break

I have taken a break from fedi for nearly the last 2 weeks, at least, I have done so on my mains, although I have done some cheeky posting on some alts that no one knows is me…


In short… The amount of politics and figureheads on fedi seem to have exploded in recent times. I remember the first time I witnessed a figurehead explosion on fedi, which resulted in a huge amount of bullying towards one seemingly popular person until they relented and left fedi, only appearing on much smaller instances that don’t federate with the wider fediverse.

Recently, there has been a lot of this shit happening again. I hear some people whining rn that “Oh Lunar… You follow and enjoy the chats with @p and @sjw… Doesn’t that mean you are part of the problem?” and my answer to that is… No, of course not.

While P and SJW have a colossal follower base, the people that follow them aren’t fanatical fans. Other fedi users have smaller follower counts, but the people that follow them are so obnoxious that all they do is shit up the timeline with simping and overly meta memes. Heck, I started meta posting for a while to try and mock it, until i realised i was pissing into an ocean of urine.


Eh. People. Maybe I am biased in that my federation circles intersect with these rulers of peasants, and they aren’t actually that bad… However, I just don’t like being called a retard for disagreeing with someone. No offense

Im not fond of naming names. I don’t want to start beef, and I doubt anyone is even reading this rambling, but im sure that this is a case of “If you know, You know”. Obviously, I’m not referring to P or SJW, although SJW is on my shitlist thanks to a certain hamburger video….

Will you return?

I will certainly return to fedi. Twitter isn’t funny enough, and I don’t like handing off fuck tonnes of data to someone in a corporate office. Id much rather trust my data with a random hacker on the internet than manages to get on the main server. The only reason I haven’t come back yet, is because of the funnies coming out of Canada atm, which are all readily available on twitter

Other Shit

Keep your realities separate...