In 2023, I listened to a lot of music! I made it my goal to listen to 3 albums a week or so. I will write a specific blog post about that in the coming days, but the single best album I discovered, I will talk about today Seychelles is an album from Masayoshi Takanaka that was released in 1976. Most people consider it one of the most important City Pop or Jazz Fusion albums that came out of Japan in the 70s.

I completely forgot to record my gym progress the last 2 weeks so I made an extra effort to make sure I had recorded everything nicely here for this week.

Well, I have decided to start documenting my gym journey for yall to laugh at my puny weak, childlike body as strength

I didnt really listen to much new music in January, however i spent a fair amount of time listening to old favorites of mine and rediscovering my love for a bunch of very different music Metallica - One One is one of those songs that I have always considered to be a song i like, but would never put on. Im sure every man and their dog has listened to this song, however recently, ive been coming across more and more people that haven’t listened to music that I would consider “Essential Listening” so maybe, you haven’t actually listened to One… Idk

I have built the House of Whinge in the mean time while we do these indexing things on If you see me there, consider this proof that it is infact me. Registrations are not open as it is my trial instance. If things continue to go well over there, I will attempt to move a hopefully fixed over to that server… Here’s hoping Figured I’d just make this small post explaining that whinge.

Whinge Down? Whinge Down :( So whinge has been down for nearly 3 months now. I am actively working on fixing it again. Currently, I am waiting for the DB Indexes to be rebuilt. I expect this to be completed by around the start of Feb. I could find the fix p made, but I never got it to work correctly for my database… odd Whats the carrots, Chief? Realistically, I am a shoddy programmer first, shoddier systems engineer second.

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