Jan 2023 Music recap

I didnt really listen to much new music in January, however i spent a fair amount of time listening to old favorites of mine and rediscovering my love for a bunch of very different music

Metallica - One

One is one of those songs that I have always considered to be a song i like, but would never put on. Im sure every man and their dog has listened to this song, however recently, ive been coming across more and more people that haven’t listened to music that I would consider “Essential Listening” so maybe, you haven’t actually listened to One… Idk

The song is possibly most peoples entry into the more thrashy side of heavy metal. With simple clean guitar riffs, slowly progressing into djent like thrash lines, its a very intrinsically diverse song. Also since it predates the overuse of harmonic minor in metal, I think it is super easy listening to most people, even those with predominantly pop backgrounds. And if you have heard one before, consider this a sign to listen to it again

George Benson - Breezin’

If you like nice, easy to listen to instrumental jazz, this is a song for you. Specifically i love the live version with Chick Corea playing some nice popcorn-esque keys along side George. The song features a super chill and relaxed guitar placed ontop of some very simple drums and a very prominent bassline and keyboard chordal progression, It sounds… well Breezin'

The guitar mastery of this song shouldn’t be understated. There are plenty of “offkey” notes in this song, however, unless you try to chart them, you really wouldn’t know. It sounds incredibly smooth and natural. Perhaps you’ve been looking to get your foot in the door with Jazz? Maybe this is a good place to start???

30 seconds to Mars - The Kill

I’ve never really been into “hardcore” music, like My Chemical Romance or the thousands of others like it. The closest i get is The Fall of Troy or Green Day. I think I was always interested in this song due to the tight Pre Chorus drum fill. Upon a more recent listen, I heard the guitar harmonies and it all fell into place.

If you pay attention to the harmonies, the last chorus has the harmony sitting on the 3rd rather the 5th like the other choruses. I really did love that. Keeps the song super interesting. I actually came across this song again recently due to guitar hero youtuber acai, having Eggman drum this on Guitar Hero

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