Whinge Clown

Whinge Down?

Whinge Down :(

So whinge has been down for nearly 3 months now. I am actively working on fixing it again. Currently, I am waiting for the DB Indexes to be rebuilt. I expect this to be completed by around the start of Feb. I could find the fix p made, but I never got it to work correctly for my database… odd

Whats the carrots, Chief?

Realistically, I am a shoddy programmer first, shoddier systems engineer second. I don’t really understand pleroma that well, and I lack the time to figure out what is going wrong with whinge. Essentially, I would put it something along the lines of

I had previously had pleroma up and running a day earlier with PSQL15, which could have contributed to the premature death of whinge. I really dont know where to go to from here, but I’ll try

Crikey… What are the options?

The options are to

I don’t know the way forward yet. I am scared and confused and I just wanna get straight back to MILF posting.

Love you all, Stay Groovy. Just thought some of you with a vested interest (Loki, Elfie, Flanker, Ennui) would like to hear an update

I promise i’ll figure something out

Keep your realities separate...