Well howdy there pals. Long time no see. It turns out a huge amount has happened to me over the last 18 months!

Well buddy, where did you go?

Well, nowhere interesting, The depths of hell and the pearly gates, neither can hold me forever. I’ve had a nice relationship which has come and gone in that time, and I got my degree… which is pretty cool!

Hold on… Relationship?!?

Yeah i was as surprised as you are. She was lovely. Wholesome, bubbly and most importantly fun. unfortunately, after a while, we found out that we were two very different people and it would probably be for the best if we just stopped seeing each other anymore. I want to try keep in touch but its hard. Maybe once i grow a stronger stomach il manage it, but to be honest, I have been finding ways to enjoy myself without much company recently, such as


Yes, i finally found a spreadsheet simulator that i can actually enjoy! Something about playing as the Bank of Ohio, or as Zhi JinPings capitalist utopia is something I can get a sensible chuckle out of. Not only that, but Stellaris really does appeal to my overly simple sense of humor. Having my head scientists run away to another empire because they were scared of researching black holes seems oddly human to me, and I love every word of it.


Yes I am working now! Interestingly, as a software engineer, which is a decision I think no one saw coming.

None of these however are software engineering. So what gives? Well after graduating, I really discovered that I enjoy making things when i am given time to take care and ensure that it all works as expected! My Role has forced me to learn React and Typescript which has been a very unique challenge for me, Especially since React is less like Vue.js than I would have expected and that Typescript has a syntax that is kinda like Rust, but just different enough to throw me off.

Its also been good as it has allowed me to look into a new web framework that seems interesting… Yew. Which as far as i can tell, is React in Rust. Fun

Personal Projects

Over the last 6 months, I have developed an interest in Cars. I spend loads of time reading about how certain engines are designed and how they function. I managed to pick up a nice wee Toyota Trueno AE111 for a couple of grand a few months ago, which has been a great little runner for me thus-far with very few problems, despite 222000Kms on the clock.

Another personal project that I have been working on recently has been to read more. I have purchased a selection of programming books with the intention to spend a couple of hours each weekend reading through them, in the hopes to maybe be more useful for my team at work, and also so that I might become a better developer in general

Final thoughts

Keep your realities separate...