Happy times ahead

Its not often that we all take a step back and ask ourselves if we are happy

Perhaps, it is the most important question to ask yourself, or your friends, so why don’t we ask it

I am happy

At this moment, it is 3am. Usually if i am awake at 3am, its because im sad or lonely. But right now, I feel neither. Tomorrow, or should i say today, I am having coffee with one of my best friends in the world. After a few months of our schedules clashing, her and I finally found a time where we can meet up for a chat

That sounds good chief, who is she?

Its a girl whom I had a crush on for the longest time. Looking back on it, I almost resembled an Incel, but that was back when I was 16, so its SOMEWHAT forgivable. She was one of my best friends. We were in a band together for a while, which was really fun. I wish that I was better at sports so I could be a better pal and help her out with her activities. Although, recently, She had a semi serious injury that has prevented her from playing, which I think is quite sad, as she is a damn good football player

Why does it make me happy?

Growing up, I honestly was one of the more autistic edgy kids, and she was one of the few people brave enough to subtlety tell me to tone it down, And it has really stuck with me, even to this day. It made me a far better person; more likeable, more empathetic and more wholesome. And come on, who doesn’t like a big ole bit of wholesome. So I guess, while I have some memories of us having a good time, It’s also what made me who I am today, Which i think is pretty rad.

Where has she been

It just so happens, that we just got too caught up in our own things. I really got into music in my final year of highschool, and she was a year ahead of me, and she went off and started being a top tier footballer. Sadly, it just happens that we only really ever saw each other at a few parties, where my flatmate and another highschool friend liked to stir up a little drama, in the name of fun, but seriously, not cool guys (Looking at you Winklesaur and Cactus) But hey, there’s something else i have to say

I Hope you’re happy too!

If you end up reading this, no matter if it is at the time I’ve posted this, Months down the track, or if you happen to be a student translating these ancient files, Please send me a message at and let me know how you are doing. Let me know what’s going on in your world! I hope you’re all as happy as I am

That does it from me!

Keep your realities separate...