A New Year, 2020 v3

Ah yes. A new year! Exciting for all. I hope everyone reading this got to have some quality time with their loved ones over the break and managed to fend off the vicious beast of capitalism and actually find a way to enjoy yourself without resorting to pulling out the ole money card. I had a very cozy X-Mas / New Years period, which I will detail in full right now!

My Christmas

I spent christmas at home, not doing too much really. I spent most of it working away on a project I am currently invested in, specifically, in helping some old friends write some interesting functions in APL. I think many people would consider this a sad way to spend ones christmas, but I disagree. I had a lot of fun, and got to spend some time talking to some people I hadn’t spoken to in literal years, so to me, that was a lot of fun. Mum gifted me a sexy speaker, aka The EFM Toledo speaker (as seen on Dankpods) and I gifted a raspberry pi zero 2 all setup for her to try out as something to do. Dad gave me some shirts, and honestly, I am still trying to work out what to get him. It’s always so much harder buying for one parent than the other… But oh well. That’s half the fun I guess.

Old Friends

Some of my old friends from Otago Polytech popped down from windy wellington over christmas, and I was very privileged to get to spend some time with them. One of them, T, has recently had baby, who is absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, I have a very strong fear of babies, specifically that I might drop them, so I was too spooked to hold him, but it was nice either way. The other friend, zims, is also doing well and is currently working on a bunch of projects in his spare time to keep sane, and to help thrust him into his professional career. I am looking forward to seeing them again sometime for a more extended period of time, and I hope that we could find the time to work on a project again together, just like old times. But it was great to see them both, and at risk of sounding cringe, It really did feel like christmas getting to see them both again!

New Year, New me

I’ve decided to take my fitness a little more seriously this year. Specifically I bought a pair of running shoes and I fully intend on using them, and getting back in shape. I will slowly also try to ween myself off my carb heavy diet and onto something that will help me lose weight, as I imagine running will be a lot easier after I drop 40KG. So far, It has been hard going an I struggle evenly with losing my breath, and having pains in my right foot, although I hope both of these will happen less and less as I get less shit at doing things.

New Year, New attempt

Yeah, I’m doing SICP

In-front of

and it needs to stop

This year, I will put a huge attempt on to get through SICP. I am confident that I am near a break through, and I hope I can get a hand with it from some people at work (assuming there is time to do so) so that I can move on to the myriad of other books in my to-read list… Speaking of which, I need to take a book back to the library… I should put that in my bag now so that I don’t forget. I would love to have SICP and The C Programming Language done by the end of 2022 , this may be a big ask, but I really want it done, so that I can move onto rust and other fun projects.

New Year, Same me

I will continue to abstain from sugar as much as I can over this year. I did a good job last year, only cheating 4 times to have non sugar free sodas, and never cheating by buying lollies, or chocolate or the like. Maybe i should dial back the soda in time this year, but, we’ll see. I am also going to continue making the attempt to understand theoretical computer science, discrete mathematics and compilers to a decent enough level… Aaaaaaaaaaa

Thank you

Thank y’all for making my 2021 a load of fun! This includes everyone, My Fedi friends, My Irl pals, My work pals and my fam.

Happy Year

Keep your realities separate...