An Argument for Santa

Over the recent years, I have experienced a growth in disbelief of one of the founding men of modern western civilization. That of course, being the waning belief in Santa Claus, Jolly Ole Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Chris Cringle

Why is it that modern civilization try to hide the truth of Santa away from people between the ages of 12 and 30, whilst they themselves, revel in his existence. Now some of you reading this probably think I am joking, that I am having a laugh, but no. This is serious misinformation that if left unchecked, could plunge the world into pure chaos!

A Conspiracy

It’s funny how if we say “Jet Fuel can’t melt steel beams” that we are accused of believing there is a group of some people, who somehow keep a secret from anyone else outside of that group, all conspiring against us, however, I am supposed to believe that around 500 MILLION to 1 BILLION parents are all in on a conspiracy. A conspiracy to say that gifts are from a fat old man. A fat old man who apparently doesn’t even exist??? Then creating mistrust from their kids when they inevitably tell them that he doesn’t exist???

Hogwash, Bullshit, All of it

Why would parents buy gifts for their children’s enjoyment, and then give the credit away. You are essentially just refusing to accept your child’s love at that point. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sick


I’ve seen a lot of people attempt to use science to disprove santa, and I have yet so see anyone talk about the fact that santa is Magical… Santa doesn’t need to abide by the laws of thermodynamics, or the speed of light, heck, santa doesn’t even need to abide by the laws of linear time either. Not a single article I have read that “disproves” santa can counter any of these facts with their flawed science. Its pathetic. Honestly, its like watching a car crash in slow motion. If someone wanted to disprove santa, they would first need to know the origin behind this magic, which is impossible to know as santa doesn’t open source his magic scrolls! I never said I agreed with santa’s politics, but I guess I do disagree with him on that front.

And all this rubbish about “Santa is fat, he couldn’t fit down my chimney”, the people saying this obviously don’t know that you can tuck in your belly, allowing you to fit through smaller gaps than you otherwise would be able to do. For scientists, their logic and reasoning deserves an F, and I doubt they could even pass logic 101, which is weird because anti social people are usually super good at logic, and whats more antisocial than literally Gaslighting children

Final Thoughts

I don’t think

Keep your realities separate...