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I have built the House of Whinge in the mean time while we do these indexing things on If you see me there, consider this proof that it is infact me. Registrations are not open as it is my trial instance. If things continue to go well over there, I will attempt to move a hopefully fixed over to that server… Here’s hoping Figured I’d just make this small post explaining that whinge.

Whinge Down? Whinge Down :( So whinge has been down for nearly 3 months now. I am actively working on fixing it again. Currently, I am waiting for the DB Indexes to be rebuilt. I expect this to be completed by around the start of Feb. I could find the fix p made, but I never got it to work correctly for my database… odd Whats the carrots, Chief? Realistically, I am a shoddy programmer first, shoddier systems engineer second.

I have taken a break from fedi for nearly the last 2 weeks, at least, I have done so on my mains, although I have done some cheeky posting on some alts that no one knows is me… Why? In short… The amount of politics and figureheads on fedi seem to have exploded in recent times. I remember the first time I witnessed a figurehead explosion on fedi, which resulted in a huge amount of bullying towards one seemingly popular person until they relented and left fedi, only appearing on much smaller instances that don’t federate with the wider fediverse.

Ok so recently, I have become slightly more aware about how my presence on the Fediverse is seen by other people. Now I could do the obvious thing, and ignore what other people on the internet think about me, OR… I can go down the path of most resistance and try to be friends with the Left and the Right without losing my sanity. Autism vs Authism Authism is apparently not a word… Weird as I use it often, to mean the act of being authentic.