Fedi Thoughts

Ok so recently, I have become slightly more aware about how my presence on the Fediverse is seen by other people. Now I could do the obvious thing, and ignore what other people on the internet think about me, OR… I can go down the path of most resistance and try to be friends with the Left and the Right without losing my sanity.

Autism vs Authism

Authism is apparently not a word… Weird as I use it often, to mean the act of being authentic. This is the exact problem I encounter on fedi, is I post satirically and authentically randomly and often within quick succession to each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if people on the fediverse thought I didn’t like Nickelback, seeing as its often something said satirically…

Use Multiple Accounts?

Short answer, Is I am incredibly lazy, and would forget what account I was posting on at any given time, and I am not sure that other people would be able to differentiate that one of my accounts was for real posting, where the other one is for rampant, unfiltered shitposting. Instead, I would like to keep a single account, where everything gets posted

Bro… Just don’t care about what people think of you

Honestly, It would be so much easier… But I really do like a lot of the folks on the fediverse… To a degree where a lot of them are my friends. It makes me a bit sad to think that they may not know what the intention of my post is, and that they may feel attacked, even though my post is just to poke some harmless fun at someone else. I think its another case where Poes law goes much further and begins to sow it’s seeds into regular conversation where satire is native.

It ain’t easy being green

Where things get really dicey, is that I have plenty of friends across the whole political spectrum on fedi. I have fedi friends, Anime Right friends, Libertarian friends, Socialist friends and even some NatSoc friends all on the same feed. This presents the issue that im essentially forcing them all to deal with each other (assuming federation works the way i’ve observed it working), and they may all get a little roused up due to posts coming through. Now, I know that there are block buttons for a reason, but I’m inclined not to abuse them, that is until an instance starts posting illegal content, or too much furry shit for me to handle. But thats neither here, nor there. Fact is, it’s not ideal to be friends with multiple “niches” on fedi

And yet here I am

This is precisely the issues ive been thinking about over the past 3 weeks or so.

I’ve had more than a couple of people discuss whether i’m being authentic in my posts, and many a people answer that question incorrectly on my behalf. I guess i only hope that if someone sees me post something that doesn’t seem right, that they talk to me, because chances are… I’m not ripping into them, I just want to have a laugh at the expense of someone with a shared trait

Ah well

Enough rambling

Keep your realities separate...