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In 2023, I listened to a lot of music! I made it my goal to listen to 3 albums a week or so. I will write a specific blog post about that in the coming days, but the single best album I discovered, I will talk about today Seychelles is an album from Masayoshi Takanaka that was released in 1976. Most people consider it one of the most important City Pop or Jazz Fusion albums that came out of Japan in the 70s.

I didnt really listen to much new music in January, however i spent a fair amount of time listening to old favorites of mine and rediscovering my love for a bunch of very different music Metallica - One One is one of those songs that I have always considered to be a song i like, but would never put on. Im sure every man and their dog has listened to this song, however recently, ive been coming across more and more people that haven’t listened to music that I would consider “Essential Listening” so maybe, you haven’t actually listened to One… Idk

I guess a bunch of people reading this probably know how weird my taste of music is, although sometimes, I am reminded about how much I really enjoy listening to certain artists, so I feel like I need to share my love for it… And todays installment is obviously on Primus, which are one of my favorite… Weird… Rock bands What is Primus Primus is a Prog Rock group I really got into in my 2nd year of Polytech.