I guess a bunch of people reading this probably know how weird my taste of music is, although sometimes, I am reminded about how much I really enjoy listening to certain artists, so I feel like I need to share my love for it… And todays installment is obviously on Primus, which are one of my favorite… Weird… Rock bands

What is Primus

Primus is a Prog Rock group I really got into in my 2nd year of Polytech. It was when I was going through a phase of my life, where regular rock had gotten stale, where eurobeat was still a bit too niche for me, and every drum and bass song had a FUCKING FOGHORN in it. I remembered about an odd song with a strange bassline, so I went to youtube with that little information, and somehow found the song I was looking for…

Jerry was a Race Car Driver

Now, the first thing anyone normal who watches the music video for this would probably think, is that Primus is super weird… Which I guess is the main draw for me. The “Steamy” comment was genuinely one of the funniest things ive ever heard… And Idk why. But the song itself is very fucking strange, to put it bluntly. The bassline was exactly what I remembered and I spent the next 2 weeks trying to get it down. I never really got it to a point where I was happy with it, but eh. The song has a sort of emptiness to it, especially in the guitar solo which I absolutely rate.

From there, I went out to look for different primus songs that I might enjoy, and came across a fair few number of them. But another one worthy of another description would be…

Tommy the Cat

The music video for this one, is pretty fucking weird, pervy but somehow still very entertaining. Interesting fact, is that Tom Waits voiced Tommy the Cat. Again, the baseline is fucking incredible in this song, somehow funky, but also incredibly fucking weird.

It’s super hard to describe primus music, which is something I am now just finding out. Just at least listen to those 2 and these following 3, and if you don’t really like it, then its not like you lost more than 30 or so mins, so eh.

Ok… That’s all I can really say on Primus. Pls let me know if y’all like primus or hate them… I’m kinda interested in what public, non music ‘Enthusiast’ opinion is of them, seeing as they’re not usually liked by general prog circles!

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