Ah yes. Dead trees with Ink sprayed on them. Truly one of the most morbid ways to describe books, but it’s a way I may have described them in the recent past. However… I have recently developed quite a liking for books, Specifically, Programming books and Personal Development books! And I’m about to go into some sort of depth as to why!

What books do I currently own?

I have purchased a bunch of books within the last few months, More so than I could ever read in those months, but I do intend to go through them all! So, currently on my bookshelf I have


Crikey! Thats a lot of language!!!

It is. I also intend to read them all in the order they are listed above however, there may be a few issues with that… Namely that SICP is proving to be a real challenge for me. The space (n) questions are not easy for me to understand, and while I could 100% just move on to the next question and unstuck myself, I said that I was going to learn the book, from cover to cover, so I intend to stick to that, even if it means that I am going to finish the book in a longer time than I had intended. But next up on my list is “The C Programming Language”, which is a book that I thought I would never have to read! Until recently, I was sold on Rust being my language of choice for any pet project that came my way, however, I have found rust to be quite the challenge and I feel that I may learn better if I learn algorithms and the like in C, so that I might begin to grasp an understanding of what rust is doing under the hood… Or so I hope

Why are you planning to read all these books

I’m proud of the lamborghini i have in my garage, but im much more proud of these 9 Books I have on my shelf

Honestly, I do enjoy learning a wide array of things, especially in a given domain. It’s just such a pity that I’ve never really strived for depth of knowledge instead of breadth. I think that now I have a good job, It’s more important than ever to try and improve my skill set, across multiple languages, styles, and paradigms to improve my usefulness to my team! While I should learn typescript better so that I can write it more robustly, I think that learning about functional techniques means that my teams skill set is more diverse, and that we may be able to solve problems we encounter better in the future.

What has inspired you to inflict this suffering onto yourself?

Mostly friends of mine, both inside and outside of work encouraging me to get better at what I do! A lot of my friends know that as long as I have something to do, I’m pretty happy! So maybe thats a reason that they are encouraging me? But again I don’t know. Im just glad they are. So thanks @tA, @eunson and @bunni for the constant motivation, which brings me to yet another point about the books…

How is it going

Not good ken. Not good at all - MXC

So advent of code has really managed to swallow up a lot more of my time than I expected. This is mostly for 2 reason. Reason 1 being that I’m apparently better than I thought I was at algorithms now… Which is good I suppose… The second reason is that I never expected to get as far into advent of code as I have using C as my language. I thought surely Day 5 would be around where I would fail… However it was day 12 where I struggled and ultimately failed. If I had read the sections of malloc() in “The C Programming Language”, maybe I wouldn’t have fallen there… But unfortunately… I did.

Ah well. Thats enough rambling for one post! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it with my new keyboard.

P.S. If you got this far, pls mention me on fedi with some reference to baked beans :^)

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