Grimey Bot?

Ok so… I’ve decided to add some decoration to my desk at work in the form of a bot.

What What in the Bot?

I’m calling the bot “Grimey Bot” which will be a sucessor to steevo bot. I hope that I can write it in C although there are some practical limitations to this project, mostly being that it needs to interface via GPIO to a display output, which I have decided to be e-ink.

What it do?

I will program the bot to say quotes from popular media, every hour, on the hour. I have yet to decide if I want to program faces to be displayed in E-Ink or if I just want it to be in the form

You'll need to speak up! I am wearing a towel
    - Homer Simpson

I think the latter is a better idea although at the moment I am not entirely sure.

What are the componies?

I intend to use a small 1.7" e-ink display originally and then if I am feeling like I want to spend any more time on it, I will upgrade to a bigger display. But I feel that a smaller display will be sufficient for the time being

I am also oconsidering either a Raspberry Pi Zero, or a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W as the controller for grimey bot, most likely running ARMArch, since I prefer arch to other linux based OS’s. I use Arch BTW…

Why Grimey

Frank Grimes is one of my favorite simpsons characters, as a character at least. I fucking hate Frank Grimes but I love the ideas he expresses in his episode.

I figured I would give him some time in the spotlight… Even if that spotlight is on my desk.

I don’t know when I am going to be finished witrh this project… Nor will I know when I will start on it… But il keep yall posted on it

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