Fucking bagpipes man

I am sitting here, trying to do my Systems Administration assignment for my degree, and what do i hear?

Fucking Bagpipes

So im from a city with so much scottish heritage, you’d be forgiven for thinking there are no indigenous people around. I don’t really know why it’s happening all of a sudden, but all day, i can hear bagpipes. And there is a somewhat uncomfortable fact about this too…

They aren’t playing Scotland the Brave!!!

Now, i can respect music as much as the next guy, and i can respect the bagpipes. It must be hard to play an instrument with a drone note. I have played some Sitar, so i know that it is quite hard to play around against the drone note, but please… at least keep it in key. The bagpipes aren’t an instrument designed for Jazz

So please

Take your bagpipes, and your fucking snare drummer, and leave my campus before I lose my shit…


But yeah, good playing though

Keep your realities separate...