So, Its been a while since i have posted here, ive forgotten gow to use my own program and such, but here goes.

Finding Love on Tinder?

Recently, ive been interested in the dating app, Tinder, and i took it upon myself to do some research, not only on dating, but also on myself. So i installed it and took it for a whirl. I was never intending on taking this seriously, although i feel most people in my demographic don’t treat it that seriously either. I know, that tinder at least, is a lot better than most dating apps ive looked at in the past, as tinder essentially lets the user do all the heavy lifting, and they merely provide the platform and interface to be as judgemental as you like.

My Profile

Thankfully, my first worry about having a good picture was solved before i thought about solving it. My good friend, The Mars Baron, Lord Shitney, took an outstanding photo of me, holding a non trivial amount of junk food outside the supermarket. It is without a doubt, one of the best pictures that has been taken of me, so much so, it was my first Instagram post!

With the picture out of the way, i had to come up with a witty bio. Again, nothing special here, just a small bit of obscure humour. I don’t think its the best bio, but it at least is something.


To get an accurate reading of my browsing habits, i did my first few sessions with my screen being recorded. I used this to work out ONLY my ratios of left swipes to right swipes. I decided that it would be a lot of effort to go into detail on all the girls i swiped on, so i refused to do that. My method was to look through their pictures once, then their bio, and then their pictures once more. After doing this, i came to my numbers of

211 Left Swipes 27 Right Swipes

This gives me an average swiping probability of just over 10%, which i am not sure how it relates to the global averages, as all the data sets i can find online are quite contradictory.


Im not going to say much here, other than there is this 1 real cutie

Tinder is actually a great laugh and i recommend anyone to try it if they’re looking to meet some new pals!

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