A Throne With A View

Here i sit. A king upon my throne

To the left of me, is a door, guarded and protected. This keeps me separate from the lesser creatures. To the right of me, is a giant glass window. Out of which, i can see for miles into the distance.

Many bright streetlights sparkle like stars in the distance. Each one, a pair of eyes glued to it. Scattered among the streetlights, are dimmer house lights, illuminating rooms, protecting the people inside from the darkness outside

Each house looks so small and insignificant from my elevated point of view. The people walk down the street, moving quickly to get where they need to go, to get out of the cold darkness and into somewhere more pleasantly warm. Some are running off to their families, whilst, i am sure, some are running as far away from their families as they can.

With the extension of my finger, i flush the toilet. Concluding the reign upon my throne

Keep your realities separate...