A Simple Act of Kindness

So just now, i have been shown a simple act of kindness that did a lot to lift my spirits, as well as saving me from malnutrition. One of my pals @shitney showed up at my window after finding out that i had only eaten pasta for the last few days, (with the only exception being a KFC we had together) with some fkn maccas! Now that is really an act of kindness right there!

Recently a lot of my fellow pals and chippies have been showing me random acts of kindness. From @tA popping by every so often to make sure I’m doing well, to @shitneys spontaneous visits to my window for political banter and game design discussion. I appreciate all of it so much, and i don’t often remember to properly articulate how happy and lucky i am to have such nice pals who look after me. My flatmate, BasedBill is also another friend who sends wholesome messages throughout the day. I appreciate all of you. All the chippies who are just keeping the timeline rolling, all the fediverse peeps for the meme of the days, and to all my other pals for keeping my life in check for me.

The whole concept of small acts of kindness is one of the most wholesome ones because it is so easy to do, and most people do it. As a lot of corny poets and musicians have said, Its the small things that make life great. And i think we all take that a bit for granted. I know i do. So i am going to do my best to fulfill some simple acts of kindness over the next few weeks to try and help out someone in a worse situation than me. You all are really cool, and i love every single one of you :)

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