Ok. I fucking hate with jekyll how annoying the meta data at the top of the .md files is. I also dislike that the filename has to be formatted in such an oddly specific way, with the date in the filename, even though that information is duplicated within the file itself. This entire ordeal was enough for me to learn (for about the 3rd time) how to properly write bash scripts, and so, i made a bash script called “jmake”


It is called jmake because it needs a name right? j for jekyll, make for make. Make is probably not the right word to use as it has almost nothing to do with “make” files. But hey, i don’t think that’s overly important right now. All jmake does, is name a file, and add the post metadata at the top, and puts you into vim to write your post. I figured this is a “Somewhat” useful as it can be done quite quickly by a computer, whereas it takes quite a lot of time for a human to do, (especially if you’re like me and constantly think the date is 10 days ago)


If you want to rag on my terrible scripting, try out jmake, or add to it, you can find it on my github page. If there are any problems with it, please email me at the given email address.

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