Cyber Crushing

One of the great things about being anonymous online is that you can kind of appreciate people for more than what they are. You can begin to grow a sort of crush on them, which i call, a Cyber Crush

You actively know you don’t want to date your cyber crush, or anything like that. Instead, you just get really excited whenever they post something, and you also genuinely wish the best for them. I’d like to think people like being someones Cyber Crush, but I’m not entirely sure about that

Who are my Cyber Crushes?

I wouldn’t give anyone the sheer embarrassment of me sharing that information but i have a few. They’re all pretty darn cool people that i can somewhat relate to, and they are all grossly more intelligent than i am.

Does this relate to the Chippies?

I have told a fair few of my fellow chippies about this concept, and they mostly agree that its something that happens in the wild, and something that should be discussed. I have no idea about anyone else’s Cyber Crushes, and i think that is part of the fun of it all

Keep your realities separate...