Life as a chippie

Imagine walking down the street, and you see a bloke in a shirt that looked like it had been ripped off the front of an advanced calculus textbook, with a 6502 in one hand, and a bag of chips in the other…


Now, i live in a very strange town. I grew up here and i still live here now. It is a city where the vast number of residents are binge drinking students, mostly white, and entirely obnoxious. As a student, i fucking hate students. Down here, we call them “Scarfies”. I don’t know why, but it is a label that boils my blood. Thus several other counter cultures have sprung up around our town. One of which is headed my @tA, the head chef of the chippies

What are the chippies?

The chippies are an odd group of programmers. We all come from slightly different backgrounds, our ideas on politics differ greatly, as do our opinions on ethics. However, we all share strength in knowing we are mostly functioning members of society. We have a few founding statements and ideologies that all chippies mostly adhere to and follow and these are the following:

Who are the chippies?

The original founding members of the chippies are @tA, @mouseEars and I, however, as we have spent more time hanging out with people, we have many other people whom we consider as parts of our little community. All the folks on we consider to be a part of our community. Especially our pals @seliph, @notanElfie and @vala.

When did they form

It doesn’t matter when we formed. What matters is our plan

Why ‘Chippies’ ?

Our lad @tA named us the chippies, as we are mostly just a group of misguided youth that spend a lot of time and money on computers and programming. Of course, this isn’t what all chippies do, and i am sure that some of us aren’t as into the Haskell life as others, but i feel most of our aesthetic and prominence is based around cyberpunk and hipster fashion.

So essentially, even though there are a few of us chippies, we all are a pretty rad bunch in my opinion and i love every single one of us. While we may all be significantly different on the surface, as soon as you peel back a layer or two, you notice we are all just hipster wanna be programmers on the inside.

That’s all for now but i hope to see more of you lot :D

Keep your realities separate...