Salvation Army

I’m not “UP” the sallies

WARNING: Religiously Charged Post

I live in a country that is very liberal, in almost every sense of the word. People are pretty much without exception allowed to say whatever they want, People are allowed to be whom they want to be, and we have a low persecution rate for minor crimes. However, this is always under a constant threat by the Salvation Army.

Playing the charity game

Come on guys, It’s 2018, everyone knows. The Cat came out the bag in the early 2000’s where they wouldn’t refuge homosexuals in times of trouble. They are not a charitable organization, but one that wrongfully masquerades as one. This not only lies to the public, but it also hurts other charities that actually make a difference, Such as the Cancer Foundation, or the Heart Foundation. If either of those charities got nearly as much support as the salvation army, i would bet we would see a bigger difference in our communities than we get from pumping money into the salvation army.

2nd Hand Stores

The salvation army, where i live, also run 2nd hand stores. Now this is a good business strategy for everyone involved. People who supply the goods get a place to leave their goods for free, so not having to pay landfill fees, The salvation army get a large amount of money for selling these goods, and the purchaser of the goods gets a (usually) cheap item. However, one of the biggest losers in this situation are the general public. Now, as the salvation army are considered a charity by the New Zealand government, they do not pay any tax or rates on their sales or donations. This essentially just prevents them from indirectly supporting the community


Now, to their credit, they do support SOME aspects of the community, such as the scouting troops and some sports teams. However, i have yet to see any evidence that they help New Zealand’s homeless or any other struggling citizens.

The Ugly

The Ugliest part about the salvation army is the fact that they have complete disregard for any people who identify as trans, or homosexuals, so much so, as they have been known to turn them away when they have nothing left. To me, this is a very unacceptable way for a “Charitable” organization to be. They also fund the support of keeping religious instruction in schools, which is a matter for another post all together

I hope you will all band with me in a mutual understanding that the salvation army encompasses the worst in humanity

Keep your realities separate...