Music of September 2018

My music taste this month has been quite strange. I have gotten back into electronic music in a big way! Although some of my tracks have made their second month through the daily playlist. Here are my top listened to tracks of September and a short synopsis on them

The Pressure - Stonebank

This one is a classic osu! banger. The funny thing about this song, is all the fun parts of the song are outside of the osu! beat-map. Everything about this song is hype as fuck and also real as fuck. Its like brainpower without the meme value. A friend of mine, tA who’s blog you can find here wanted to do a mashup of this song and a song called duvet by boa (I am guessing that if you found your way here, you know the song i am talking about). From the songs hype as fuck intro, into the osu map, my mind is full of the stress of those streams, but the breakdown is a work of mastery, and then heading back into the hook is nothing short of beauty. Now, im an absolute sucker for good harmony, and boy, the second time around, the hook carries some of the most real harmonies i have heard. The outro also reminds me a lot of the old glitch hop that i used to listen to when i was still a noob at these genres of music. But overall, i rate this song to be one of my favorites of all time.

Cold Green Eyes - Station Earth

This is one of those tracks that strip my soul down to its bare minimum. I shed a tear every time i hear this beauty of a song. Whereas Pressure is a very full song, that drives hard, this is the opposite, this is a song that utilizes the 4 chord pattern( I V vi IV ) amazingly well. Everything about the timbre of this song is amazing. The bells give a real bit of ambience to it without making it sound too gimmicky. It has a solid drum and bass backing too, which i respect a lot. It hosts a nice electric guitar part too that adds to the layering. The lyrics i also admire. Its a classic chorus repeating talking about the futility of being human, and knowing that you will fall, and you may not be untouchable, but thats what makes you human, and thats also what makes you perfect. It may be a little cheesy, but it really speaks a lot to me now. I think this song is grossly underrates as a nice piece of liquid drum and bass, or whatever you’d like to categorize it under. This is one of those songs where if you listen to it on the right day, at the right time, it will 100% blow you away! I think you should check it out!

Monster - Meg & Dia (DotExe Remix) (Nightcore)

Monster How Should i feel? Creatures lie here Looking through my window

Why would i be listening to night-core in 2018, because, yes i agree, night-core is a cringy genre of music, and i agree, dubstep is past its best before date, but there is just something purely magical about this song. Just like Cold Green Eyes, it is a very soul stripping song that makes you feel naked in public and vulnerable in your own home. The dubstep elements are a massive improvement over the base song in my opinion, but it has the issue of the drops being slightly too slow to have the desired high energy effect, and the night-core complements this very well. The only issue with this song is that i cannot listen to it in public as someone might catch a look at the weeb art thats on its youtube video. While not as emotionally touching in my opinion as Cold Green Eyes, it is still a great tune to sad-boi out to.

Say - Moe Shop

No, not moe as in from the infamous tavern, Moe Shop is a somewhat well known future funk artist who has released a number of great albums, all of which will have people who think that its Moe’s best album, and will fight you to the death if you say otherwise. This song has a great AESTHETIC vibe and one of the raddest, funkiest basslines ever written. I can chair dance to this song for weeks. As far as future funk goes, it is pretty generic but that is one of the reasons i love it. The instrumentation is very funky and energetic, and the lyrics are quite cute and wholesome. There isn’t much else i can Say about this song. Its not the crowd favorite on the album (Thanks to “You look so good!”) but it has a special place in my heart. And i would like to think that everyone else will one day give this song a listen, because it deserves it!

Roundabout - Yes

Come on You thought i could finish off my top songs of September without mentioning one of my favorite tracks of all time? To those who don’t know me IRL, it may come as a surprise that my favorite genre of all time is Prog Rock. And Roundabout is one of those songs that encompass the genre in its entirety. I strongly doubt anyone reading this haven’t heard this masterpiece of art, but on the off chance you haven’t, it is the audio equivalent of cocaine. It has a recognizable and driving bassline, it has somewhat weird and wacky lyrics, it has amazing keyboards and a stellar guitar line. All this over one of the most solid bits of percussion i have heard. I love this song, and the album its from so much, i have a poster of the cover art hung up in my room. This song, no word of a joke, changed my outlook on music. This track has its highs and lows, a lot of them, which make it onw of the most dynamic tracks in my collection. Simply breathtaking.

So thats a little bit of an insight into my Top 5 tracks ive listened to this month. There have been some bangers that surfaced for me in the last week of September, so maybe they will make the October edition.

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