Music of November 2018

Sorry i missed a month there without discussing the music i had listened to, so i guess no one will know what music i listened to over the spooky season.

Over November i was introduced to quite a lot of new music from people i spend a lot of time with, and these are some of my takeaways

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Call me a normie, but i have only recently understood just how powerful this song is, and why i love it so much. Everything from the over gained acoustic guitar to the synthy supporting lines give this song such an identity crisis. But thats what makes this track such a fantastic piece. The horn solo is sombre, peaceful yet bittersweet. It truly ties the whole song together. As my good friend tA put it, “This is one of the only modern albums where you can actually hear that the vocalist means what he’s putting across in his song” And i think he’s right. In this song, you can hear how he articulates his voice in certain passages, to really drive the emotion home

Strasbourg/St. Denis

Recently i have become a sucker for more types of jazz, specifically jazz where scale runs and call and receive are utilized in interesting ways, and boy does this song have all of that. Its main progression is very easy to stomach for non jazz listeners, and even for the jazz cats who really love to hear horrible sounding chords and harmonies, theres an oddly, what i can only describe as “COOL” piano break after the first section that play around with weird harmonies. The horns in the opening sections have a nice call and receive going, which is very nice to listen to, as they climb and descend scales. While it may not be my favorite jazz song of all time, this is certainly a good ole tune worth checking out if you want to get into Jazz

Living Mice

Yes this is a song from the Minecraft soundtrack. Now, i haven’t actually played Minecraft in well over six months, although, i kept humming a melody, a melody which i couldn’t place. So after weeks of having it stuck in my head, i worked out it was a Minecraft song. The song is split into 2 parts, a nice calm beginning section, that slowly builds tension, until that tension is released in the beautiful cascading lead line in the second section. This song is pure bliss for me to listen to, and on rainy days, i often throw a 30min version of the song on whilst i work on my projects. So yeah. The song may be from Minecraft, but its a damn nice tune in my humble opinion!

I’m Curious~<3

This song is a very light hearted, childish song that can’t help but bring you nostalgia for memories that you never had. While being very repetitive, the melody and the backing chords complement each other beautifully. Its one of the nicest pieces of cafe jazz that i have heard in a long time. Just the first lick alone is enough to bring joy to me, no matter how im feeling.

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