Who Am I?

I wish i knew who i was. I woke up one day, i felt like a husk. An empty discarded shell, a shell, of something much bigger than i was. Although with that came a curse. I knew i would forever be smaller than the shell i cast around myself. No matter how big i could grow, the shell would always encompass me

What Am I?

I am comfortable. This shell is my home. I know all that comes in, and i control all which comes out. People may see my shell, but they do not see me. I mustn’t let them see not just for my sake, but also for theirs. How would they feel if they saw a mansion, but found out it was inhabited by a sole mouse.

When Am I

Time is not a construct in my world. I live on my own terms. I have no need for such a concept. It is only constricting, adhering to the passing of time. The constant tick of the clock is silenced within the comfort of my oasis. The sounds of a clock ticking, is not unlike that of a beating heart however, a sound i know too well.

Where Am I

I am within my shell. My shell is what i know. Where my shell is, i could not tell you, It is where it is destined to be. If i could move it, i wouldn’t be able to. Where i am, is convenient. It is what i know. All i know, is that my shell exists, for certain inside my mind, but whether or not it exits outside my mind, i am yet to theorize or discover.

Why Am I

Why is not a concept i fully understand. If one could understand why, there would be no point to any of this. If you knew why, you’d do why. I don’t know why, and i do not wish i did. Why is recursive. Even knowing why on one layer, just asks more questions. Why do things fall, Why does gravity work, Why does mass work??? After a while it all blurs together and we finally understand, that it doesn’t matter. Why it doesn’t matter? We don’t know. We just know it doesn’t

How Am I

I do not know who i am. That is for certain. I know what i am however, but that does not mean anything without a subject in which to label it to. I do not believe i exist at any one time, but if i do exist in a place, i must also exist at a time, so i must exist at a time, but if time is not important in my perception of the world around me, why should place matter? They are one and the same. You cannot have one without the other. I do not know why this is the case, not only that i exist in a place where time is null, but also that i know what i am, with far more certainty to who i am. Both things, at face value seem very important, and conjoined, however, on closer inspection, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Why is something i don’t understand, so asking why this is the case, is pointless. So after all of that is out of the way, how am i?

I am comfortable

Keep your realities separate...