The Chadtop

Have you ever noticed that chad always struts around with a mac book pro, even though, most of the functionality of it will go wasted on him, whereas a lot of programmers strut around with laptops that look like they were booted for the first time with windows XP? Well, i have and i think its interesting, that chads pick the virgin, over-priced but powerful laptops, when the biggest virgins (computation enthusiasts) are happy to strut around with a laptop from 2011. I am one of these computation enthusiasts, and this is what i observed

I use a Thinkpad T420S as my daily driver, which i have named ibuki, after Maya Ibuki, a programmer from Neon Genesis Evangelion. It isn’t the most powerful computer in the world. I have kitted it out with an SSD and a separate 1TB home drive. It sports a whopping 8GB of DDR3 memory, more than enough for most tasks. It has a rather underwhelming display of 1600x900, but you need to take your wins with your losses. The 2520M dual core, quad thread processor is also underwhelming, but it does the job and it does it well. On this beastly hardware i run Arch Linux. Why? Because im a sadist that likes watching their package manager get in endless dependency loops (Love you pacman <3). Unlike a good friend of mine, i have not manned up enough to use a non qwerty keyboard layout, but i hope that some time, i will. For my daily driver software, i use vim and i3gaps, both of which are amazing pieces of software.

So my computer, despite being somewhat shitty on paper, does pack a surprising punch of autism where it counts! It compiles my C code at a rate i am happy with, It holds a charge long enough for me to move across the room to another power outlet. It edits files, and i can write shitty blog posts. Could i do it faster on a Macbook? Probably, but my lowly thinkpad is cucking all the virgin macbooks out of the competition. And i think that is beautiful.

Most macbooks will never get their terminals opened. They will never compile homebrewed bodges. They will never be used as dev machines, and i think that is a sad life for a high speced computer

Keep your realities separate...