BSPWM - It's Complicated </3

Tiling Window Managers are the future!

Recently i have been spending a lot more time on my linux machine, programming and fluffing around. I decided since i have been spending more time on it, i should try to upgrade my window manager to something a little more, tidy.

I have been using i3 and i3-gaps for around 2 years now, and i have fallen in love with the look, and functionality of tiling window managers. Not only that, but i also fell in love with having a very customizable visual session, where i can bind for example, mod+m to open ncmpcpp. I personally love the idea that i can open any program i want, at the push of only a couple of buttons.

So swapping to bspwm was, with no exaggeration, a nightmare. I had issues with some files not being extracted properly due to a power failure on my part, which meant i had to manually remove them, then reinstall the wm. Then i had to get sxhkd to work, which it very much, did not want to. Add a few issues with terminal fonts, and we finally boot into bspwm.

My First Impressions

I have only been using bspwm for 3 days now, but already i can see it becoming my daily driver. The windows look nicer than in i3, and there are a few less graphical bugs. Using sxhkd is also really nice, and it is very similar to the i3-config, but its quite a lot easier to use. Some gripes i have are that, it does not play nice with certain floating windows, and i wish there was a way to know that it actually has opened firefox, and put it in another workspace, as i often will open it 5 or 6 times before realising this.

I intend to keep with bspwm, even though i feel like im not making much progress, and i encourage you, to also try out a tiling window manager. Who knows, you might prefer the workflow

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