About Me

I can only assume that if you are here, you already know to some extent, who i am, but incase you don’t know, I am Lunarised. You can often find me lurking on LainChan or ArisuChan, on several IRC’s or wherever else will tolerate me. I have some quite strong views on many subjects that i will detail below.


The .this statement that is part of almost every modern programming language is what i would consider to be my worst enemy. Whilst for some, it is an obvious reference to properties, to me, it is a horrible practice that is only used to make code less readable. There is no reason you cannot preface your constructor/method arguments with an underscore, as popularized my Professor Richard o’Keefe.

Free Speech

Free speech is the friend of developed society’s and cultures across the ground, but i feel, that in this day in age, it is being threatened by the encroaching evil, that is political correctness. Now i would consider myself pretty liberal in terms of human rights and human happiness. I will happily defend anything that makes people happy. Although recently. the powers that be have been trying to silence views from the far right, and although, i do disagree with their views, i am worries that their lack of a questioning audience will further push these ideology’s underground where they can fester into more horrible ones. I think that even those with the most outrageous views should be given audience, not just to question their views, but also in the name of progression. Even the worst of regimes sometimes have some good progressive views, and i feel that in our currently, fast paced culture, we should be more open to different views, especially if we want to be more tolerant as a culture, after all, we should be treating everyone equally right?


Similar to my last point, Why are there words that only certain people are allowed to say. It seems not very nice or logical to me, that only some people are allowed to write certain characters, or say certain sounds. This has been incredibly frustrating to see, when certain books, such as harper lees “To Kill a mocking bird” have been censored to contain less controversial language. One of the justifications of doing so is that it makes the readers uncomfortable, to which i reply, that is the entire point of the book. Likewise, regarding not being able to say certain words, as an English Enthusiast, that really upsets me as i cannot use the full extent of my diction, in fear of repercussions due to someone misinterpreting what i mean As more topics of conversation come up, i will write them as separate posts. But for now, this will do.

Keep your realities separate...