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So there’s something that needs to be talked about. The shooting of innocent civilians at a mosque in Christchurch shocked all of New Zealand, and disgusted most of us. I think the shooter is an absolute asshole, and a poor excuse of a human being, however, I am also disgusted at how Kiwis in recent time, have disowned the Kiwi identity and stance about crime, for a more, Sensationalised and Americanised version of justice

Social Media

More and more, Social media has allowed people to comment without discussion, and without any resistance. This, as we know, changes peoples thinking, as it allows them to disconnect their opinion from any critique that might challenge it. This i think, is a reason that violent extremism has begun to be, for lack of a better word, Sensationalised. An example of this, is the Alt-Right political movement. Most people consider the Alt-Right to be all Nazi’s and Gun nuts. This is most likely because saying those things, results in a stronger reaction than saying actual critique on their policy. As we know, Nothing instills a humans need to react, more than anger. This is potentially why most political debates end up as a “he may have done this, but she did this!” shitfest. This has allowed people in New Zealand to start calling for the death penalty to be reinstated. Now, There are thousands of reasons why the death penalty is an archaic, and unjust form of punishment, but i’m not going to go into those. We abolished the death penalty in 1957, after the police thought that potentially 2 innocent people were killed by the government for crimes they did not commit. But unfortunately, people are so quick to call for the death penalty, not many people stop to look at why we abolished it in the first place.

Media Sensationalism

I have noticed, since Kiwi’s are more and more willing to demonize and punish criminals, instead of helping change and be successful members of society, the media has been able to sensationalise it by making story after story, blaming any given problem on criminals. It shares a shocking resemblance to some of the racist Jim Crow media from 60’s America. The media have no shame at rounding up the public and throwing them into a mass fear and panic. Now, they do this on a lot of things. This is one of the reasons i feel that global warming doesn’t sit well with some people. I was told my city would be underwater by 2020, and I really don’t see that happening. Using headlines like “Country under Siege” serves no purpose other than to blow the situation out of proportion and make everyone a lot more scared than they realistically should be. This is the main reason why i distrust media sources, as they cannot seem to do unbiased, unexaggerated reporting.

Banning of Information

While i am in full support of the changes of the gun laws, I am appalled at the government for putting a 15 year sentence up for having a copy of the killers manifesto. Now. I can understand that the manifesto is a horrible document, however, it seems odd that we can outlaw that with a 15 year sentence, yet allow Mein Camf to be sold in all bookstores nationwide. I am now, and will always be, against the banning of any information.

To Conclude

Fuck the shooter Fuck the New Zealand Public Fuck the Media and Fuck the New Zealand Government

Keep your realities separate...