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I am currently writing this post from my flat where i have mostly without internet for almost a week. After this time, i think i have learnt a fair bit more about technology and humanity as a whole, which i aim to share with you in this post


I feel that most of us have built up some kind of reliance for internet without realising it. The internet has alot of our stuff now on it, and alot of things that we may want to do are somewhat impossible without internet. A few of my scripts i was using to program just stopped working as i never designed them with the thought of a lack of internet access, so i would be redesigning them if i actually knew how to. I feel that when people often say “I could live a year without internet”, i do not really think they could, which leads me to my next point


The internet is a very warm and comfy place for most of us, and we spend out days using it to be productive, or communicate. Even though i am not huge on internet communication, as i have yet to learn all the ins and outs of it, i still feel incredibly isolated by not having access to it. If something terrible were to happen to me, i don’t know how i would go about letting anyone know. That isn’t a comfortable feeling.


I have briefly touched on this point. But since my internet was down, i decided it might be a good time to catch up on some ricing and programming on my new arch install. However, it is incredibly hard to learn a new language with only a book and no internet to help you with small errors that you may come across. This is also made harder by a side note, that my introduction to algorithms still hasn’t arrived, even after 4 months of being in the post. Not having some of the more advanced fsmounting utilities was also quite difficult as i struggled to get all my books off my phone and onto my computer to use them.

I think it is quite interesting how much we all take the internet for granted and how little can actually be done with absence from the internet. I should be getting internet again on the 2nd of January, which is when this post SHOULD be up, if not earlier if i work out some work around

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